Other Services

In addition to all the other services listed, we also undertake the following:

Shrink Wrapping

Our fully automatic Shrink Wrapping line can produce up to 15,000 packs per day and can be used in conjunction with our other processes or as a separate service

Paper Drilling

We operate a four head automatic paper drill with a hole size range of between 4mm and 10mm.

Carton and Folder Gluing
Envelope Folding

Jameson Print Finishers has 4 dedicated envelope folding machines, these fold any type of envelope of any size to any format. We count virtually every major envelope manufacturer in the country and Europe as our clients, and fold more envelopes than any other company in the country.

Carton and Folder Gluing
Endorse Folding

We operate 3 stand alone endorse folding machines which can fold at a right angle to the spine or parallel to it.

Carton and Folder Gluing

This is a commonly requested option on products going for further processing at mailing houses. We operate 6 fully automatic ram-bundling machines and these can ram-pack our own production our be used to ram-pack customers goods as a separate service.

We deal with all the major mailing facilities in the country and as such are completely familiar with the sometimes very onerous requirements demanded by these companies.

Carton and Folder Gluing

Our oversize B1 high speed die-cutter perfectly complements our other product line, however this machine is regularly in production on die-cut and strip only operations for many of our customers who lack their own in house facilities.

This machine has the facility to automatically strip the waste from apertures such as euro-slots, windows and punch holes. This can mean a more cost-effective alternative to conventional paper drilling with the added bonus of guaranteed accuracy of spacing. The die-cutter can also automatically count and tab all piles at the delivery stage greatly assisting subsequent operations such as stripping and packing which is another service undertaken by this department.