Our Services

Jameson Print Finishers North West Ltd is a specialist in the following areas:

Large Format Folding

Large Format Folding

Maximum sheet size A0 (1188mm x 840mm)

Map And Timetable Folding

Map and Timetable Folding

All paginations of maps undertaken up to 56 pages both miniature and large format.

Concertina And Roll Folding

Concertina and Roll Folding

Concertina folding up to 13 panels.

Roll folding up to 8 panels.

Double Gate Folding

Double Gate Folding

Three machines capable of 8pp, 10pp and 12pp double gate folding.

Minature Folding

Miniature Folding

Two dedicated pharmaceutical folding machines capable of folding down to 15mm

Folding Of Complex Shapes

Folding of Complex Shapes

We have the ability to fold unusual shapes including jobs with no straight edges.

Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

We operate a purpose built greetings card folding machine, the advantages of using this machine are the ability to crease in line, thus saving the expense of offline creasing usually carried out on die-cutting equipment and the face that the folding process is carried out using plough folds not rollers, giving trouble free folding of up to board weights of 400 gsm.

This machine is also capable of folding many other card based products where the grammage of the material would make conventional folding machines unsuitable.