Carton and Folder Gluing

Using our wide range of folder gluers we can produce the following products:

Straight Line Carton

Straight line / side seam cartons, we produce a wide range of these cartons from miniature sizes up to a blank width of 780mm, we only use hot melt adhesive which gives a very good bond.

Pillow Packs

Pillow Packs

We are experts at producing all types of pillow packs.

Cd Cases

CD Cases

Concertina folding up to 13 panels.

Roll folding up to 8 panels.

Card Carriers

Card Carriers

Since the introduction of the now popular gift card carriers we have been involved in the production of all types of card carriers for many of the large high street stores, these range from simple 1 piece carriers to complex 2 piece carriers.

Non Capacity Folders

Non-Capacity Folders

All types of folder are possible on our state of the art folder gluers including the rare ability to produce jobs with internal glue flaps, we can also automatically apply double sided fingerlift tape.

Capacity Folders

Spine Gluing

Our high speed spine gluing line enables us to output large volumes of spine glued booklets either in 8 page or 12 page format, the possible sizes range from A7 to A3. We are also able endorse fold and ram-pack these products in line which is an increasingly common requirement.